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Education Initiatives

Colorism Sensitivity and Awareness Training

  1. Corporate  Training
  2. K-5 Elementary School Training
  3. Middle School Training
  4. High School Training
  5. Collegiate Training


Quote #1

"99.9% of DNA among humans is exactly the same. Contained in that one-tenth of a percent that creates a unique individual is an entire spectrum of skin, hair and eye color gathered from thousands of previous generations.  Indeed, as we discover our varied ancestry, we also celebrate our common human bond."

-Richard Gabriel, CEO of DNAPrint Genomics



An Unprecedented Documentary


To unearth the origin of dark-skin versus light-skin perceptions around the world, and trace the impact of them on Americaís past, present, and future.


Prejudice based on skin tone? Does it really exist or is it so taboo that itís kept hidden from society? If it does exist, is it limited to one racial group or many?

The truth may shock us all.



Latest News

June 2010 - The IRS approved our 501(c)3 non-profit charity application. All contributions from July 2008 to present are tax deductible. We thank our supporters for their continued enthusiasm and faith in our mission of truth.


Quote #2

"No one should have to put up with mean and humiliating comments about the color of their skin on the job. . . . It makes no difference that these comments are made by someone of your own race. Actually, that makes it even worse."

-Applebee's spokesperson [EEOC case]




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